What is WildLearner?

WildLearner is an education and job-seeking platform which aim is to help software developers in starting their careers by opening new horizons for everyone. We are providing people from all walks of life unique learning experience for learners to understand the subject deeply. And allow skilled developers guide other beginners and share their career and know-how.

How do I start coding?

You can download our application on iOS & Android devices and start coding on a mobile. If you're using the web just follow our website by clicking a top button for getting started.

Is WildLearner completely free?

Learning on WildLearner is completely free. Our apps are available on Android, iOS, and Web.

Which language should I learn first?

We are suggesting you first start from web development lessons and as a first course from HTML. It will give you a good idea of how everything works. And further you can follow up for getting deeper in backend development. For people who are interested in mobile development, you need to start with Swift or Kotlin as your first programming language.

I'm unable to move ahead in a quiz. What should I do?

You can unlock the quiz using your earned coins in your profile. It will show you the correct answer so you can learn and not just pass.

Can I learn across different devices?

We are supporting all major platforms both mobile devices using our apps & website application for desktop users. All your data is synchronized and stored in your account so you can use all platforms to continue studying just by logging into your account.

Where can I use my certificate?

The certificate is the proof of finalizing the course on our platform. It can be used anywhere as well as during job interviews.

How can I find a job on platform?

You can easily find any job that is matching to your skills by entering the jobs section on our apps. Our goal is to provide our students with jobs that best match their skills.

How can I provide feedback?

You can provide us feedback by entering to feedback section from your profile dropdown. As well as sending us an email to info@wildlearner.com. We are always happy to hear your thoughts and improve our services.